[bad-ass] noun


does the thing that others are afraid to do

someone that refuses to quit, no matter how hard it gets

always takes action in spite of fear 

Meet the Owner

Hi Friends! I’m Danielle and I’m the Owner/Founder of ivy & pine boutique.

So, what is ivy & pine all about?  ivy & pine is a women’s boutique built for the badass babe in all of us. There’s this idea that women who are soft can’t be strong or women who are edgy can’t be feminine. To challenge that misconception, ivy & pine boutique was created to show that you can be more than just one thing. Our slogan is “cute clothes for badass babes” and we work hard to find the best pieces that will make you feel feminine, strong, confident, and most of all, badass.  

Can’t wait to meet you all at the shop!

xo, Danielle